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The Most Distant Places is now available for educational use at New Day Films (click to purchase)

Dr. Edgar Rodas has dedicated his life to improving the health conditions for underprivileged communities in his native Ecuador, and Cinterandes is his visionary mobile hospital and rural health care project. The Most Distant Places follows Dr. Rodas and his team to the far reaches of Ecuador, interweaving intimate portrayals of the doctors with stories of the patients they treat.   Traveling from indigenous areas in the Andes to fishing villages on the coast to Amazonian river communities, this film is a unique and hopeful look at the challenges of providing health care for impoverished people located far from adequate medical facilities.

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Produced and Directed by
Mike Seely

Romi Chiorean
Mike Seely

John Kane
Mike Seely

Narrated by
Peter Coyote
Veronica Moscoso (Spanish version)

Written by
Mike Seely
John Kane

Evan Dixon
Mike Seely

Original Music by
Phil Manley
Duo Andino

Sound Mix
Matthew Patterson Curry
Funding generously provided by:

SEEDS  Supporting Equanimity on Earth and Diversity in the Sacred
Pacific Pioneer Fund

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