Mike Seely is a San Francisco-based filmmaker and director of photography.  During the production of The Most Distant Places, Seely also worked as an associate producer in the Program in Bioethics and Film at Stanford University’s Center for Biomedical Ethics.  His film Radio Grito, a short documentary about a Spanish language radio show for migrant farm workers in California, won Best Short Documentary at the 2006 Cinequest Film Festival, and was also nominated for the 2007 International Documentary Association’s Pare Lorentz Award.  His other documentary films include; Radio Takeover, recounting the FCC shutdown of San Francisco Liberation Radio; Hush an artistic portrait of a nature sounds recordist; and Nature’s Blueprints, about the work and ideas of Eugene Tsui, an eccentric architect who bases his designs on biological forms.  He recently returned from Lodz, Poland where he worked as a Fulbright scholar on a project exploring the tradition of Polish documentary film.  Mike completed his MA in documentary film production at Stanford University in 2005, and has experience working on various international and cross-cultural projects as a director, DP and sound recordist.

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